21 February 2012

Work It!

I’ve started a fitness class.  Maybe I should have prefaced that with, I’ve joined the gym!  The latter isn’t surprising.  I went to the gym six days a week before I left New York.  It was 90 seconds from my apartment.  So no excuses.  Well, I still managed to come up with excuses or I wouldn’t need to still lose another 25 pounds.  

The gym I’ve joined now is about a 15 minute walk away, but it is not just geographically miles away from my gym in New York.  My gym in New York was basic, just a handful of machines and some weights, no classes.  Oh, let’s not forget, the very pushy trainers.  I felt like every time I walked in they would think “ouu, fat girl, I can make some cash off of her!”  That might be why I started going at 5am instead of in the evenings.

At my new gym I wasn’t even pressured to hire a trainer during my induction.  Everyone is smiley and nice, not overbearing and pushy.  They remember my name!  After a few trips to visit the treadmill and elliptical, sorry cross trainer, on my own I decided to go to boot camp. 

The class is only 45 minutes and the time flies.  Oddly, Gerry, the instructor, looks like my brother in law, whose named Jarrod.  It’s a bit weird and sometimes I want to challenge him when he tells me to move faster or try harder.  But I don’t, I get my ass in gear!  The class is definitely a challenge, but not so much so that I want to just give up.

Of course you get out of a gym membership, or a class what you put into it.  Therefore I go hard, hard as I can.  Some days I can do a lot more than on other days.  I’m never really sure why.  At my last class there were a lot more students than usual.  One of the women was middle aged and definitely had a ways to go in her fitness journey.  When Gerry was going over what we were going to do next she said very loudly, “we should take turns, so we can all rest more.” The class laughed.  None of us were there to rest!

As for me, there will be no rest.  I’m determined to became and thinner version of myself. 

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  1. Good luck in your fitness journey. Hopefully one day I'll get my ass into gear and join you.

    Madison xxx