29 February 2012

100 Day Challenge (Sorta) Week One

I just reread  my post from last week to make sure that I wasn’t changing the rules on myself.  I didn’t really make it horribly challenging did I? 

So this week I managed to not buy a single croissant from Pret or a single candy bar.  I did a bit of math on this one.  Not eating these save about £8 a week or £380 a year.  Considering that its food and you need to eat and all that, it doesn’t seem so bad, maybe?  I mean, if I gave up food I’d be dead.  But for food that I don’t need and doesn’t do anything for me that money could really be spent much better.  This  wasn’t just about the cash though.  My little treats equaled 2500 calories a week, or 122 thousand calories a year.  This isn’t only what I’m eating this was on top of it.  122,000 calories is equivalent to 38 human pounds. If I lost 38 lbs I’d not just be thin, but skinny.  Every time I thought about just having one I remembered the math and put it down.

I’ve also managed to not buy a single pair of shoes or any clothing.  This is the easiest and hardest bit.  I want to shop at my favorite places in the States.  This makes it easy to say wait.  On the other hand I’m losing weight and even my work clothes are starting to look comically large.  My husband says that it’s not too bad and I’m going to hold out.  I have ended up in some, um, interesting outfits though.  Hopefully it won’t get me in trouble!  Shoes are also hard because I want these:


And these:

Will I hold out for another week?  I don’t know.

As for my eBay habit (obsession).  I’ve only bought one thing and it was off of the allowed list.  So no broken rules there. 

Over all I think this week has been a success.  Let’s see if I can repeat it this week!

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