24 February 2012


Over Christmas I participated in a Secret Santa blog gift exchange.  I never posted what I received because what I got was broken.  It wasn’t that the items weren’t to my taste or anything like that.  It wasn’t even a case of the item being broken in transit; the missing bits weren’t in the package.  It was just straight up broken and unusable.  I found this to be really hurtful and mean.  Who the heck sends a broken gift for a secret Santa?  I vowed that I would never waste my time and money on something like this again.

My vow didn’t last long.  When I saw the RAK Swap over at T-rexes and Tiaras I decided to give this whole blog exchange thing another go.  I’d never heard of another blogger complaining about their swap gift before, so what would the chance be of receiving something mean again? 

So I read through a new blog and shopped around and wrapped up a few gifts for the lovely Sophie over at Country Girl Does Norfolk.  

A few days later this arrived for me in the mail.

I unwrapped it with hesitant excitement and found this.

Then I squealed.  A book!  I love books!  A scarf, I personally feel that one can never have enough scarf’s and this one filled a hole in my collection.  How did she know, I wondered?  I continued on like this for some time. 

I really hope that Sophie liked what I sent as well.  I will definitely be participating in more blog exchanges in the future.  It’s so much fun to shop around for someone and to receive something that is a total surprise.  

Oh, and Sophie, thanks for the lovely and thoughtful RAK’s!


  1. i'm so glad you liked your gifts! Thank you so much for mine, they were great choices for me! :) x

  2. How neat! I have never done a swap because I am also a little afraid of putting a lot into it and ending up disappointed myself... Maybe I will try it though!

  3. I was more nervous this time after being burned last time. I got super lucky this time though! I would definitely recommend doing a swap.