13 February 2012

Weekly Thrift

I mentioned that I have a new job, I just didn’t mention that its right next to Spittlefields Market.  Every week on Thursday they have an antiques fair.  This is just too much for little old me to resist!  
On my first visit I found a stall that had boxes and boxes of random bits of china.  After sifting through all of it I found a Grindley Almond Petal tea cup and two saucers for a pound each.  What I didn’t notice was that the handle was glued on.  It came off in the first wash.  I think that this will be a show piece!  I’m glad I have it, but am still a bit disappointed that it’s not really useable.  

I’ve also found my first piece of utility china in my own town!  I almost missed it checking out a pyrex like dish that turned out to be a fake in poor condition.  When I turned this coffee pot caught the corner of my eye.  It’s a Johnson Brothers Greendawn. 

Doesn’t it look nice next to its blue and smaller sibling?

I have a few bits that are expected soon in the mail, but I find these random bits found randomly to be the most exciting!

Anyone else do well in the hunt?

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  1. You're a girl after my own heart or at least your utility china collection is. :0)

    Madison xxx