08 February 2012

Beetroot Brownies

As the snow was coming down on Saturday my husband and I decided to give beetroot brownies a go.  We used this recipe.  I’m not going to repost it, but more so give a commentary on our attempt.

My husband braved the cold and snow to run to the corner shop (actually about a 4 minute walk away) to get the candy bar.  During that time I measured out all of our ingredients.  We didn’t have enough beetroot, so we had to subtract a third of the recipe.  I was really excited to finally get to use some of my Christmas gifts.  This was the debut for the ceramic nesting doll measuring cups and the nesting doll measuring spoons.  The Tala Dry measure also had its debut.  I’d been lusting after one of these for some time but didn’t want to spend the £7 or so on it.  Then I found it at Morrisons for £4.  What a steal! 
I don’t want to miss out the other tools I used to hold our ingredients.  The metal cup is something that I picked up when travelling in India. I have four of them and use them all the time to hold soon to be used ingredients.  The bowl is, of course, a Woods Ware Beryl soup bowl.  I just love fun and funky cooking and baking supplies!

After laying it all out we melted the chocolate and the butter a bit for easier blending.  We didn’t start with beetroots that needed to be cooked to soften, so we skipped that step.
While the Brit blended I mixed the eggs and sugar.
 Once all that was done we folded the very smelly beetroot and chocolate mixture in with the sugar and eggs, flour and coco powder.  The whole thing still smelled very highly of beetroot, so we mixed in a bit more coco powder.  We kept mixing it in until the color went from super red to more of a brown color.
We then popped it into the oven for about 25 minutes.

For some reason these pictures make the brownies look a bit burnt, they weren’t burnt at all.  I blame the lighting in our kitchen, it’s really very dark!

These came out super moist, almost more so than you would expect brownies to be.  I can’t taste beetroot much at all, which is good, because I don’t like it.  If we’ve got beetroot lying around again I can see us making these brownies again.  

Anyone else try any creative baking recently?

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