22 February 2012

100 Day Challenge (Sorta)

When I read this post over at A Blog From Blackpool I first thought, wow, I’m glad that I don’t have that problem!  Then other bloggers I follow started talking about it.  Then I had a think about it.  Just the other day my husband commented that he felt like we lived in the post office with the number of packages that I received.  He also said, do you really need another jug? Yes, yes I do, I thought!

Probably not was the reality.   I also don’t need to have a few other things I buy on almost a daily basis.  I don’t need an Aero candy bar, I don’t need a croissant from Pret, no matter how nice it smells.  I’m not even hungry when I eat these things.  I do actually need some new work pants and jeans as my recent weight loss means that they are quite large on me.  But I want to wait.  

When I look at my spending habits I see that I don’t tend to make large purchases.  However, I nickel and dime myself to death.  (Would I say pound and pence myself to death over here?)  It’s only a pound you know.  This has to be controlled.  

I can’t do the whole 100 days straight up; it would be cruel as I’m going to the States to visit my parents for two weeks.  That’s why I’m waiting to replace my too big clothing.  I also want to be able to shop at my favourite shops and spend money on doing stuff with my friends.  

So, my rules are, no random candy bars and croissants.  This should help my budget as well as my waistline!  Also, no impulse eBay buys.  I’ve bought quite a lot recently and will be spacing out my Thrifty finds to cover the gaps.  I will also allow myself to buy things that are on the top of my want list if they are at the right price.  Some items hardly ever come up and you have to pounce on them when you see them.  However, there won’t be any random buying of things just because it’s pretty.  Just to be clear my want list is: Woods Ware Iris or Jasmine Jugs, Johnson Bros Greydawn teapot, and that’s about it.  So, those will be my only eBay purchases allowed.  No new clothing or shoes will be allowed.

As for the weekly antique fair at Spittlefields or hitting charity shops.  My finds are so rare and such a thrill that I won’t cut these out.  In the 6 months I’ve lived in the UK I’ve found 1 piece  of utility china in my little town and now that I’m working I don’t really get around like I used to.  Also, I’ve found a staggering 4 pieces at the antique fair.  If I find something and the price is right, there is no reason for me to not buy it.   I am giving up chocolate here people!  There has to be something left!

What is allowed, will be house decorating supplies and dates with my husband.  

I’m going to do a recap each Wednesday and see how things are going!  I'm going to keep this up for 4 weeks and then reassess before moving on for the next four weeks. 

Is anyone else jumping on the no spend band wagon?

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