02 February 2012

News and New Shoes

Life has been crazy for the last month.  The big news is that I got a job, and not just a job, a job doing what I really love.  The downside is that trying to learn my new position as quickly as possible has caused me some really late nights.  I’ve also joined a gym.  And I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my wonderful husband, as usual.  The time just seems to fly by.  I seriously don’t know where it all goes.  I feel like I got here yesterday, but it was actually 4 months ago!

With the new job came something nice, a paycheck!  I ran right out and bought some shoes!  Please bear with my pictures.  I don’t know how shoe bloggers do it.  I couldn’t get any really good ones on my own and I’m really self conscious with showing off my legs, I just don’t like them.  

First up are these red flowery flats from Oasis.  I got them in the sale for just £8, off of about £30 or so.  Just because I’m now employed doesn’t mean I have to go bananas!  I tend to wear a lot of flats and wear them to death before even buying a new pair.  I now own three pairs, a black and a silver pair.  I’m going to try and grow my collection so that I don’t wear out my favorites so quickly.  The only drawback of this pair is the toe cleavage, not my favorite.  However, I just love the flowers and the color!
Next up are a pair of red Dorothy Perkins pumps (court shoes?) that I found for £10.  I just love the side half bow, it’s so girly and fun.  I wore these to work the other day and had some problems walking in them, but that’s typical for me and heels.  I think I need more practice!

Last, but definitely not least and absolutely my favorite, are a pair of Lady Dragons, from the Vivianne Westwood Melissa line.  I’ve coveted these shoes for ages but could never afford them.  Even now I don’t know if I could have brought myself to pay the full price for them.  I got these off of eBay for about £55.  They were new, but from a couple of seasons ago.  I don’t know if I could buy used shoes off of eBay.  I won them on a Saturday and on Tuesday they were hand delivered by their previous owner.  She had gotten them as a gift and didn’t really like them.  Her bad gift is my present to myself.  Is it weird that I’m wearing them while typing this?

Has anyone else had any fabulous news this January?  What about finding something that you’d been coveting?  Does anyone have any advice on how to walk in heels without falling over?

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