19 March 2012

Thifty Finds

Its that time, my favorite time, when I get to show my new utility china finds to unsuspecting readers of this blog!

 First up is a ginormous Woods Ware Jasmine jug.  This was another case of not realizing just how big the jug I won on eBay was.

 Here it is next to a regular sized teacup.  I told you it was ginormous!

Next up are four Conway Lavender side/dessert plates.  These aren't as nice as the other pieces of Utility China that I've bought.  However I'm happy to give them a good home!
I’m going to link up with Her Library Adventures and Flea Market finds, Magpie Monday at Me and my Shadow, and Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. OO! Nice jug! That is a whopper. Maybe a jug for custard or cream.

    I haven't got any yellow in my utility china collection. I want some now.

    Madison xxx

  2. Beautiful jug. You could use that for a large quantity of custard! The colour would match too :-)

  3. Oh I love Woods English china! Fun!