14 March 2012

Expat Limitations

Being an immigrant has put some limitations on my life.  A lot of these are pretty understandable.  I can’t collect benefits, I haven’t paid into the system so that makes sense.  There are some, often funny, language limitations.  I’ve found that DIY words are quite different here.  

What I never thought was that I wouldn’t be able to get a phone contract.  I’ve never paid a bill late in my life, this seems totally unfair!  However, the phone companies all require 3 years of UK residence.  I’ll be a citizen by the time I’m allowed to get my own phone contract!

The smart part of me understands why companies do this. I’m considered high risk for being given a phone.  But the child in me wants to throw a hissy fit and bang my hands and feet on the floor. 

When we get around to it, my husband will take out a phone contract for me.  But for now, I’ll be a pay as you go girl without an I Phone.  .


  1. I'm not that mature, I'd have a full blown hissy fit. Hope you can get your iPhone soon.

  2. Thanks! We're going on vacation soon and I think that I'll get one when I get back! I'm still trying to stay calm about the whole thing though!