22 March 2012

Simple Banana Bread

Last week I had short notice about some guests.  We had about an hour to get our house clean.  As my husband and I were running around like headless chickens I realized that I didn't have any food in the house.  Just two almost off bananas and a lot of nothing else.  It was Thursday after all.

I took the bananas and quickly thru together some banana bread from this recipe. I only had two small bananas so I halved it and baked the whole thing in a round Pyrex  dish (as seen here) as I didn't have a bread pan.  I was shocked and surprised when the bread came out stunningly.  Everyone loved it. 

The following weekend I decided to give the full recipe a go.  So first I gathered my ingredients:

Then I mushed together the butter and the bananas:
After that I added the dry ingredients:
After mixing it up really well to evenly spread the banana bits I poured it into my new bread pan, which I forgot to get a picture of.  Just imagine it, the pan is pink!  The bread takes about an hour to bake, but I like to check after 30 minutes or so.
Lastly I served the bread for dessert.  It was scrumptious if I say so myself!  I didn't last long and there were only three of us, so I guess that's a better recommendation.

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