09 March 2012

Jolie Box

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a makeup blog.  Not that there is anything wrong with makeup blogs, I follow several of them.  I’m just not a makeup girl.  Still, I like to receive monthly boxes of goodies.

In the States I had Birch Box and I loved it.  I would often forget all about it and then it would show up, a nice little present.  The makeup boxes here cost more and I spent a lot of time reading what other bloggers had to say about all the different boxes on offer here.  In the end I went with Jolie Box.  

I don’t think that the packaging was as pretty as some of the other ones I’ve seen, but small bags are always useful to have and the box is about the contents, not the wrapping. 

Fist up was a bottle of Taaj makeup remover. It’s for all skin types and definitely something that I will be getting use out of.

There was a nifty makeup brush, but I don’t quite know what to do with it, any tips?

Lavera skin cream will definitely be knocking around my purse for a while.  It smells delicious!

Next up was RMK cleansing oil.  I’m not really sure about this one, but I’ll give it a go. 

Macadamia deep repair mask.  I think that I’ll save this one for a pre-vacation treat! Although it might feel good on a day I have a hangover as well.

Lastly, there was a micro tube of Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain.  This is pretty much coral pink and I’m undecided.

Overall, I’m really happy with my box and am definitely looking forward to seeing what next month brings!

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