02 March 2012

eBay Fail

I bring you exhibit A:

This is not actually a pile of garbage.  This was the packaging used to send my new gravy boat.  Let me explain.  The seller, from eBay, felt that an adequate way to pack breakables was to wrap three layers of newspaper, a layer of tape and a plastic bag around it all.  

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

This used to be a Grindley Peach Petal Gravy boat.  I was pretty livid.  The seller didn’t even try to pack it in a way it could possibly have show up in anything besides several pieces. I did get my money back, but still, I wanted the gravy boat!  It would have been a great addition to my collection and I'm gutted.

Anyone else have an eBay fail?  How did it turn out?


  1. I have had shoes turn up loose in a bag which have scratched each other to hell. So ridiculous. Why can't people package things sensibly!

  2. That is ridiculous, what an idiot (I'm being polite here). That would've been a beauty, what a terrible waste of a lovely item.
    I've always been really lucky with anything I've bought off ebay, although I haven't bought too many fragile items.

  3. How bloomin' stupid of them. At least you got your money back. They won't though. If it was sent from within the UK by Royal Mail then they won't be able to claim compensation. Ceramics are exempt.

    Not to worry another one will appear on Ebay sooner or later.

    Madison xxx

  4. I know! I wanted to lecture them on the significance and rarity of the piece, but refrained from doing so!

  5. Oh no that stinks!!! At least you got your money back. Hope you find another. Thank you for joining us over at Cap Creations this week for our Thrifty Love link up.

  6. Ah, bummer. :( The seller might be trying to save up on shipping, but ended up losing everything altogether. tsk!