07 March 2012

100 Day Challenge (Sorta) Week 2

This week was definitely a little bit more challenging.  I didn't buy any utility china, or anything else off of eBay for that matter.  So that's got to be good, right?  

What I did buy was three cookies (about £6) and god knows how many calories.  I'm pretty irritated about that.  It just wasn't needed, money-wise or calorie wise.  I also bought some books, but I'm on my last one and it was time for a restock!  I can't just order one book, as I would be ordering books all the time.  I prefer to order 5 or 6 at a go so I have some options.  I do order all of my books off of Amazon.co.uk used.  They almost always cost shipping and maybe 1p.  It's really quite reasonable. 

I also found the dress the got away over the weekend, but still, it was a whopping £14.99.  I'll blog about the dress in a future entry.

I think this week was pretty neutral.  I didn't go nuts, but I didn't have a perfect week either.  

How did everyone else do?

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