23 November 2011

Playing Tourist

I spent yesterday running all over London meeting with job recruiters.  I hate job hunting.  It’s soul destroying and horrible.  However it is giving me the chance to explore areas of London that I might never get to on my own.  

Yesterday I found myself right next to the Gherkin.  I’ve never been that close before and had a great time walking around it and taking touristy pictures.  

Unfortunately the recruiter meeting was not so successful.  He actually went off on a tirade on how dangerous New York City is (it’s not) and that he had to go to Harlem once and hired a body guard (ridiculous).  This was followed by telling me that I’m overqualified for everything they have going on at the moment.  Of course, I’m underqualified for the step above.  Story of my life.  

Anyone else out there job hunting?  Would you like to start a support group with me?


  1. Oh dear, that's very annoying. Best of luck with finding something! x

  2. Job hunting here in London is HORRIBLE! They say you are over qualified for most positions but then won't even let you try for the step above. How does anyone grow in their career here?!?!

  3. Hi hun, please head over to my recent blog post xx