14 November 2011

Cup Cakery

Last Friday night I used a Groupon and attended a cup cake decorating class.  I love Groupon, it’s just amazing.  You can do so many fun things with it and save loads of money. 

From the beginning though I had some challenges.  I wanted to take the class partially because I wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes, but more so as something to do when my husband was at work.  The class advertised 10 am classes that were perfect.   When I got to the scheduling bit it turned out that there were only Friday and Saturday evening classes left.  Hence, the Friday night activity.

Overall I liked the class.  I learned a handful of decorating techniques and came away with four decorated cup cakes.  Please be kind, this was my first time!  My lovely and indulgent husband bought me a cup cake making kit from Cosco’s so I make some of my own over the weekend as well.  The icing was a disaster though!

Do you Groupon?  What’s the  best deal you’ve ever had?


  1. Love the cupcakes!

  2. Never Grupon(ed). Actually had never heard of it so thanks for the tip! The cup cakes look really cute!