28 November 2011

Thrifty Finds and a Fair

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve been missing.  I had a handful of interviews at the end of the week and life just got a bit crazy.  Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?  We celebrated yesterday and I had planned on posting my two favorite T-day recipes, but everyone dug in before I could get pictures of the finished products!  There’s always next year. 

Over the weekend I went to the Joy of Vintage fair in Watford.  This time I took my mother in law with me instead of my husband.  Just like me, she wanted to look at everything and it was a lot more fun than the fair the previous weekend was.  All I bought was a £1 scarf and some tea.  The tea was served in Woods Ware Jasmine cups!  We joked a bit about slipping them into our bags, but that would be wrong and even extra wrong on Saturday as we were in a church. 

After the vintage fair we checked out the Christmas fair across the street.  I found a Johnson Bros Greydawn mini coffee pot thing.  Someone had painted all over it.  I left it there, the painting wasn’t pretty and I felt that it ruined what could have been a nice addition to my collection.  My mother in law told me that I should feel encouraged that it is out there, I’ve just got to find it! 

Over the past week I have had a couple of thrifty finds.  I found this Pyrex dish for £1.99.  It’s kinda special because it’s one of the patterns that was only sold in the US.  This means that someone brought it over on a plane for me!  It’s called Homestead.  I looked on eBay and someone is trying to sell it for almost £20!  I think I’ll keep mine though!
I also found this yellow plate which doesn’t have a back stamp, but I thought was pretty.
Our eBay acquisitions have died down a bit recently.  We’re following loads of auctions, but often get out priced.  Its unbelievable how out of control they get sometimes! We have managed to win some Woods Ware Jasmine pieces.  This is my husband favorite style of utility china.  Over the past week we also completed our wedding china set using gift certificates we received as wedding gifts.  This included a tea pot that was very expensive.  We haven’t been drinking out of it though, we prefer the Jasmine teapot and well use the fancy one only for guests!

Did anyone have any good finds this week?  I think I’ll try and link up to Magpie Monday over at Me and My Shadow as well as Flea Market Finds over at Her Library Adventures!


  1. I love the Jasmine range - so much prettier that Beryl ware which always reminds me of school dinners!

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. x

  2. I haven't come across Jasmine before - it does look pretty. Will keep an eye out for some for myself.

  3. I love the Pyrex

  4. Ohhh lovely treasure! I must say the Pyrex is lovely!

  5. Love that vintage pyrex - what a memory!

  6. I joined in with magpie monday too so i found you through there! I bought lots of old books this week, they leave me drooling.


    I love the yellow woodsware! We have lots of the green, the yellow is always harder to find and usually more expensive. I still feel bad that i let myself get outbid on a box full of it at our local auction house :-(

    Aqeela xx