11 October 2012

I'm Back!

Oh my goodness, it’s been ages and I’ve missed you.  This is has been a crazy summer.  Mr Grumpy and I have done a lot of travelling and my hours at work have been CRAZY.  On top of that, I haven’t been buying as much.  I feel like recently the price of Utility China on eBay has sky rocketed.  Believe me, I know how lovely this stuff is, but there is a point where it’s just not worth the money.  Amber over at Fashion Police wrote a really interesting post about people paying stupid prices for clothing and shoes on eBay here.  I totally agree with her.  Therefore my buying capacity has really diminished. Hopefully this is a fad that will end sooner than later.

So, here are my finds of late:
I convinced Mr Grumpy (promised him lunch) to take me over to the neighbouring town to do a bit of thrifting one Saturday.  I came away with a few books and this pretty butter dish, unfortunately it was missing a lid, but at about 25p (it was marked down) I couldn’t have cared less.
A few weeks later we took a weekend break to Ilforcombe and explored some of the other towns in the area.  This matching bowl was found in Tiverton, I think.  I must have walked into 10 or 15 different charity shops in almost as many small towns and this is all I came out with.  It definitely made the trip worthwhile, especially at £1.49!
Last weekend Mr Grumpy and I were killing time in our little London satellite town before getting haircuts and he found this matching gravy boat!  Considering that I already own 3.5 Utility China gravy boats, I almost didn’t buy it, but had to in the end.

Here’s the collection all together!

Does anyone know the name of this pattern or where there’s an online catalogue, like Pyrex Love in the US, where I might be able to research it?

It’s great to be back!

I’m going to link up with Magpie Monday at Me and my Shadow, Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. Great finds! That's my favourite pattern, it's called Chelsea and there is a Made in England pyrex group on Flickr that is really useful for identifying patterns.

    1. Thanks! I just got myself another Chelsea peice today and I'm thrilled to know what to call it!