18 October 2012

Ay Caramba!, Barcelona

This summer Mr Grumpy and I took a trip to Barcelona to celebrate his birthday.  We have very different views when it comes to travel.  I like to run around and visit every museum in existence, and Mr Grumpy likes to sit around in pretty squares eating and drinking.  Luckily for Mr Grumpy, this was my 4th visit to Barcelona so I’ve done it all, and it was his birthday, so we did only what he wanted to do.

Now, I’m a backpacker.   If you want to read about my 20 months around the world go here.  Now that I’m older and not saving for a big trip the little trips can be a bit more extravagant, plus, I wanted Mr Grumpy to have a really good time. Its really amazing to stay in a nice hotel and eat fancy food without breaking the budget.  However, I will always miss the feeling of freedom that long term travel gives you.

Our first stop was Bar Mut.  This place was awesome.  Seriously folks, if you’re a backpacker with a tiny budget this is where to splurge.   I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that I hadn’t heard of Bar Mut until this trip.  When in Barcelona order tapas, lots of tapas.  We had potatoes, hammon, tomatoy bread, olives and the best thing ever.  I don’t really know what it was called.  The dish consisted of shredded potato, ship and warm egg yolk.  It was incredible.  I will go back to Barcelona for a 5th time just to eat at Bar Mut again.

We also spend some time in a market off of Las Ramblas.  You gotta appreciate all the fruit and the ham and just all the loveliness.

Mr Grumpys one and only requested tourist attraction was the Barcelona FC stadium.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at old pictures, trophies and exploring the different levels of the stadium and the locker room.  I would have never thought of a stadium as a tourist destination, but it was better and more interesting than I had though originally.  Mr Grumpy really enjoyed it.

Right before we left for the plane I found a shop selling hammon, not just any kind, the type that comes from pigs fed on acorns.  I’ve wanted to try this for ages.  It was amazing, but a bit weird to eat ham out of a paper tube.

Now this is not a good guide to Barcelona at all.  If you’re going for the first time check out Sagrada Familia, the Medieval Museum, Mont Juic, the Catalan Museum and Gaudi Parks.  There’s loads more, but that would keep you good and busy for a few days.  I thought I should include some pictures from one of my trips a few years ago.  The first is overlooking the city, the secound a part of the Bari Gotic area, , and the last is some crazy street performer on Las Ramblas.

What’s your favourite tapa’s place?

Happy travels!

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