25 October 2012


I love me a road trip.  I get horrible motion sickness but I don't care, I still like to go.  As a backpacker it can sometimes be really difficult to truly get off the beaten path.  Some thing just can't be seen via a bus, you need your own set of wheels.  

So one morning we took off and went headed to Ilfracombe.  This was to be my first trip to Devon and Sommerset. Before we left we made a Tesco's run and picked up our usual road trip fair, water, crisps and brioche.  Might be a bit odd for a road trip, but it makes us happy.

Our first pit stop was Bristol, where my husband had attended university.  We checked out the harbor as it had been redone since Mr Grumpy had last been there.  We also got some super cute cupcakes!

Suddenly, as I was singing the wrong words very loudly to some song or another, Mr Grumpy asked if I would like to go to Cheddar Gorge.  I didn't know what it was, but I was game.  Cheddar Gorge turned out to be a beautiful drive thru what must have been almost mountains.  We also checked out the touristy bit of town, tasted some cheese, cheddar of course, and bought the biggest thing of cider ever. 

When we made it to Ilfracombe we checked out our hotel, it had seen better days but was fine for  a night or two. Ilfracombe was pretty dead, but we managed to find a couple of good pubs and spend the evening trying different types of cider. 

The next day we drove around a few of the other nearby towns, but most of them were shut up and we soon ended up back in Ilforcombe.  We really lucked out that night and were able to join in a pub quiz.  We came in fourth!  Well, it was out of 4 teams.  But in my defense the questions were extreemly Britcentric and I wasn't much help.

The next day we left early, but made a pit stop at the Thatchers brewery shop.  We bought even more cider.  We seem to collect alchol much more quickly than we consume it. 

When we got home we were tired, but it had been a great trip!

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