22 October 2012


I am so excited to show you this.  I don't think I've found any Utility China since August.  The guy who had boxes of cheap china has stopped coming to Spittlfields and I haven't had any luck on eBay or in charity shops.

This was an eBay find and I never thought that I'd win the auction, but here it is, in my home.  A Woods Ware Jasmine vegetable tureen. 
The backstamp was really faded and didn't show up on  my camera.

This tureen matches beautifully with its Beryl counterpart:

But how many vegetable tureens does one person, or a two person family need? Well, I feel that the minimum is 5.
I also feel, that when I find more, I'll buy those too.  Who knows, maybe one day we'll have a really big Thanksgiving dinner and I'll use them all at once, instead of them taking turns, usually two at a time, for Sunday lunch.

How much is too much?  And how often do you use your vintage china?

I’m going to link up with Magpie Monday at Me and my Shadow, Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl, and Thrifty Love at Cap Creations!.


  1. Oh wow, they are adorable! I'm going to start keeping an eye out for these. Lovely!

  2. Hey thanks for posting a comment over at mine today!
    I LOVE those tureens, believe me, you can never have too many!!! Use one to store soap in your bathroom, use another to store pasta. ANYTHING to justify it to your household!!!

  3. i can't say i own any of those thingers...but they sure are pretty. i do wish i knew a thing or two about vintage china!

  4. vegetable tureens, lol. I don't have any, now I feel I should start lookin! ;)


  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I feel like I might not be a crazy as Mr Gumpy thinks I am!

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