02 July 2012

Thrifty Monday

Hi Everyone!  Posting here is my favorite thing about Mondays!  I'm only a few weeks away from a quick trip to Barcelona and Mondays make me feel like its closer for some odd reason.  It will be my 4th trip to Barcelona and my husbands first.  Plus, its his birthday!

First up I have this beautiful Grindley Vine Petal Jug.  I just cannot get enough of two toned utility china.  It's a pity its so freaking hard to win on eBay, and forget finding it in the wild!
Unfortunately, it arrived with a crack wrapping from the spout all the way down one of the sides.  I didn't pitch a fit with the eBay seller because he had packed it really well and I didn't feel that it was his fault.  Also, I wanted to keep it and while it isn't usable it is displayable and no one will be the wiser.  Except for you, but you won't tell, will you?

Just an added backstamp pic for those who like that sort of thing.  Well, I like it, and its helpful for me to keep it all straight and not to double buy. 

Next up is a lovely Johnson Bros Goldendawn jug.  This thing was just calling my name.  Every Thursday I go to the antique fair at Spittlefields Market.  It's only a few minutes from my office and I really look forward to it.  I find something every month or so.  One of my favorite sellers is a guy who has boxes and boxes of crockery.  It's a mess and some of it is even broken.  My lunch hour isn't enough time to go through it all, so I just scan each box from the top very carefully.  This jug was just sitting on top, waiting for me to hand over my £1 for it.  I took it home, cleaned it up, and introduced it to some friends.  

 Whats weird about this jug is that it is almost identical to a Grindley jug I got off of eBay some time ago. The only real difference is in the shape.

 So do you like my fraternal twins?

I'm beginning to think that I need  some sort of system to keep track of my collection.  I have quite a lot now and I don't want to buy the same thing twice.  I was thinking of an Excel spreadsheet, but I'd love to hear any ideas you might have.  How do you keep rapidly growing collections straight?

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See you next week! 

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