16 July 2012

Blue Love

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is having a good Monday.  I also hope that by the time this is posted the sun has discovered England.  I would just about give anything right now to not want to turn my heat on at night!

My collecting has been slowing down in a dramatic manor.  Not for lack of effort though.  I keep hunting eBay, I keep visiting the charity shops when I have the time and I visit Spittlefieds every week.  For whatever reason there just isn't as much to be bought, and what is there I already have or find it to be out of my price range.  I really hope that over the next few weeks my luck changes!

Despite my whining, I have managed to add a few nice pieces to my collection this week.  From eBay I found another mini Johnson Brothers Greydawn teapot!

I now can't tell which one is the the cutest little tea pot in all the land.  What I do know, is that they need to have some pink and yellow join them as soon as possible!  (Just don't tell my husband!)
At a new stall at Spittlefields I found three Woods Ware Iris teacups and saucers, and they came with a sugar bowl!  All of this came for a total of £7!  I was very excited.  I have enough Woods Ware teacups, but I didn't have an Iris sugar bowl and Iris is the most under represented color in my Woods Ware collection.

 The odd thing about Iris is that there seems to be multiple shades.  The group I bought is the light, almost green blue version.  However I do own some of the darker blue version.
 I like both shades, but its easy to see how very different they are. It's almost like having a fourth Woods Ware color to collect.
 Here are the two little sugar bowls, the one I already had was Beryl.  Now they can be friends.  My god, I am losing my mind!
I hope that everyone else had a lucky week in thrifting, and in life in general!

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