30 July 2012

The Package has been Retrieved

My husband and I were having a lazy Sunday.  Usually we get to the super market pretty early, but on this day we almost didn't even go.  Sitting around was just too much fun.  After doing the weekly shop we stopped by a mini mart that does really good fruit and happens to be next to three charity shops.  Right away in one of the windows we spotted a tower of yellow china, mostly Woods Ware Jasmine, but  a bit of something else, we couldn't tell what.  The most exciting part was that there were 4 Jasmine coffee cups.  My husband likes the larger cups and we've only got one.

We tried the door, it was 10 minutes before closing time, and it was locked.  We hung out a bit to see if we could get the person inside to let us in, but it was fruitless.  We were devastated.  This would have made such a nice addition to our collection, but we knew it wouldn't be there the next week.

So that evening, as soon as my mother in law came over for dinner, we jumped on her and asked her to pick it up.  The next morning my husband called her early, to make sure she remember to go there first thing.

My fingers were crossed, my palms sweaty.  I haven't been finding huge amounts of stuff recently and didn't have much of anything left to post about.  The blog NEEDED some new fodder, I needed to feed my addiction, and my husband needed a cup more suited to his large hand.

Then I got at text from my MIL: The package has been retrieved.

I have the best MIL ever, really ever ever ever!

So what did we end up with?
Woods Ware Jasmine - 4 coffee cups, 1 coffee saucer, 2 cake plates and 2 side/dinner plates

And the mystery plates, well they were Barker Bros Primrosa.  I'd never heard of it, but I looked it up and it seems like this pattern was made from the mid 1930s.  We ended up with 3 coffee saucers, 2 small plates and 4 side plates. This might not all be pictures because we've been using it since it came through the door.

Look how much larger the coffee cup is compared to the tea cup!

Here's the Woods Ware Jasmine selection:

I think that there must be loads of different brands that can be considered Utility China.  At first I was only sticking to certain brands, but now, while everything will still be vintage, its more important to me to keep the look I want than particular brands.  Therefore, these Barker Bros pieces will have a permanent home with me. just look at the slight angles, how could I not be in love?

As you might remember a while ago I complained about not having much two toned china and then I managed to find a handful of pieces.  And, you might remember that I complained about not having found much utility china recently, and then I found this major haul.  Apparently my wishes come true when I post them here.  Therefore, I'd like to mention that I'd really like to win the lottery.  I'm just putting that out there.

Anyone ever heard of Barker Bros before?  Have any info for me?

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