14 June 2012

Utility China In Use!

I do have quite a lot of utility china so its hard to use it all all the time, but when we have a bbq I have the perfect excuse. The Diamond Jubilee was the perfect excuse.  Even though I'm not a Brit, I'm married to one and I decided to go all out!

Here's my set up in the morning before everyone showed up.  To the left I have a Pyrex bowl, in the back I have three Grindley jugs and one Johnson Brothers jug.  Don't miss the boot salt and pepper shakers!

 Here's the cake that I made, it was beautiful and will become my go to chocolate cake recipe.  Next time I make it I'll post about it.  To the left you can see my merangs, they were mean to be red, white and blue, but I didn't use enough food coloring. 

Somehow we ended up withe loads of cake, there's even one missing from this picture!
 I know its late, but I hope that everyone else had as much fun as I did!

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  1. Brilliant. You can never have too much cake.