25 June 2012

Allota Thrift

My husband has once again begun to complain that he lives in a post office due to all the packages I receive.  Therefore I think its time to upload several pictures at once.  All of these were eBay finds.

The thing about eBay is that you don't always know what your going to get.  Part of this is because not all of the descriptions are accurate, and because I don't always read the description as well as I should.  Especially if I'm at work when bidding.  I won two sets of Woods Ware Jasmine fruit bowls.  I was hoping for pasta bowls, but these are proving to be very useful.  All together we have 8 now!

I can't tell you how many times I bid on egg cups and didn't win them.  The price just gets crazy high.  However, the seller set these to end at an odd time and I was able to score them for not much.  These are Woods Ware Iris and I have four!

 I thought that I should show you how I'm displaying them, and a bit of a sneak peak of my new shelves!

 I also got this tiny Johnson Brothers milk jug.  I love all my utility china equally, but there is something extra special about the really tiny pieces!  It goes well with the (not pictured) cutest teapot in all the land!

He's another peak up my upcoming shelf and the tiny milk jug with its  larger cousin!
Anyone else with good finds this week?

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  1. You do score such pretty Woods ware and I love ho they look with all the different colours grouped together.

  2. I love utility pieces too, would love some of the yellow and pink but ive only got the green beryl at the moment. I want to find it on my travels rather than ebay, ebay sometimes feels a bit like cheating! (But still half of my shopping is done on there!)

    Aqeela xx

    (Ive just written my magpie mondays post too)

  3. I agree, eBay does feel like cheating. However, I work too much to spend the time thrifting I would like so I look at it as a necessary evil!

  4. I love your little creamer dishes! They would go well in my collection lol! And you are right there IS something extra special about tiny pieces. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.