18 June 2012

Mystery Thrift

I should really go to the gym more often. Not because of the whole health, weight loss thing, but to thrift.  Pretty much every Saturday after my morning work out I take a cheeky speed thrift around our little high street.  I quickly spotted a jug of appropriate color and grabbed it.  I found that I had a pretty jug.

Then I turned it over and none of the familiar names were there.  Instead it says Booths Blue Mist, Made in England.  Oh yea, and the number 174.  It was just £1.49 so I decided to take it home with me and research it later. 

I didn't have a huge amount of luck.  Booths was apparently in business from 1891-1948, but lived on as it was bought out on several occasions.  I found this website with Booths backstamps, but none of them matched mine, although the font looks similar. 

So this is the mystery thrift.  Is this utility china, I would have to guess not, maybe?  I don't know.  What do you think?

The jug isn't in the best condition.  On top of being pretty badly crazed, there are stains under the glaze and no matter how much I scrub, or even the trip thru the dishwasher, I can't get them out.  Even though I know its clean, I feel like I don't want to use it because of this. This little jug will just be standing tall on its shelf.

So what do you think?  Have I found something rare, have I found something made last week?  Its a mystery.

I’m going to link up with Her Library Adventures and Flea Market finds, Magpie Monday at Me and my Shadow, Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl and Thrifty Love over at Cap Creations.


  1. ooh, what a mystery. I think in a way it makes things even more exciting when you're not sure of any facts about them.

  2. I love crazing on my pieces. All the ware adds character to your jug, it's adorable! Thanks for joining us at Cap Creations.