21 June 2012

I Got a Present!

I was sitting at my desk as work a few weeks ago, just minding my own business, or well, do my companies business, when I got a package! Now, this happens with some regularity, but what doesn't happen often is getting a surprise package.

I opened it like a kid at Christmas, hence no opening photos.

I did manage to read the card first and my surprise package was from the lovely Madison, over at Madison Makes

When I opened the package I found an Art Pottery platter!

This is my utility china unicorn.  I've seen the Art Pottery name on other bloggers list, but I've never seen any out and about, on eBay, or even on another blog.  I had begun to think that it didn't exist.  I was astonished when I flipped over the plate.  In fact, I squealed at work.   Luckily my co workers already think I'm a nut!

It's been hard to get a picture of this because its been in constant use since it arrived.  It's the perfect platter for two!

Madison, thank you so much for such a wonderful surprise!


  1. How fabulous - what a great surprise present!:)

  2. What a fantastic surprise gift. It's brilliant when someone knows you so well.