21 December 2012

Secret Santas!

This year I participated in two Secret Santas and they were a lot of fun!  As I have no ability to not open a gift in front of me I opened them as soon as they arrived.  Please excuse the terrible pictures, there is no light at all!

The first one was organized by Char over at T rexes and Tiaras. I can't say who I sent my gifts too, but I do know that mine were from the lovely Helen over at I accidentaly spent my wages at Top Shop.   The limit on this exchange was £5 and I can't help but think that my gifter made hers stretch further than I was able to stretch mine. 

Helen sent me a really cute notebook, some Earl Grey tea (how in the world did she know that's my favorite kind?), chocolates (these didn't last long) and a very cute pen!  Thanks Helen for everything, it was so thoughtful!
I also took part in a gift exchange over at Faith Hope & Charity Shopping.  There were several rules to follow here and I did my best, but you know, Americans and rules don't always go well!  My partner was was Mrs M, over at Mrs M Makes.  When I was perusing her blog for ideas I was struck by how talented Mrs M is, and I was feeling pretty lucky that she was my gift buddy.  Let me tell ya, was I ever lucky!
 Mrs M sent me a Milk Tray, earrings, a Grindly plate, a Jaj Pyrex gravy boat and a felt decoration.  Squeal!
Mrs M made the earrings herself, and I'll be wearing them to all my Christmas events. 
I have loads of Grindly Petelware jugs, but this is my first plate and its very special.  All of my other plates were very welcoming!

This Jaj Pyrex gravy boat is part of the Matchmaker rage, and this is my first Matchmaker piece!  What can I say, this is a Christmas of firsts.  It's funny, because I've bid on various bits with this patter on eBay and I've never won, and now I have some!

The most challenging aspect of this exchange was to give something that symbolizes deck the halls.  I'm decking my mantel piece with this lovely felted decoration.

I just love doing these exchanges.  It's so much fun to read through someones blog and really try to get something that they would like, and on the flip side, to get a gift that is a true surprise.  That doesn't really happen when you get to be to the ripe old age of 31 (for another week or so).  My one regret was that I wasn't able to send Mrs M some of my baked goods, I just wasn't sure how to mail them.  Any suggestions?

I really hope that I was able to make the people I bought for just as happy as my gifters have made me!

Did you participate in a gift exchange?  How did it go?

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  1. Thank you for taking part in the secret santa and I'm glad you liked your gifts ;)
    Love the plate as well..