06 December 2012

Quiet, It's Secret

Its certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it really feels like Christmas!

I love so many things about this time of year, the jolly mood most people are in, the decorations, baking and eating without counting calories.  Plus the presents.  I love trying to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family.  Mr Grumpy is near impossible to buy for, but I always manage something that he likes.

This year I've decided to expand my gift circle by participating in two Secret Santas, or Polyanna's if your from New Jersey.

The first one is a secret, and I can't tell you who its for until after the holidays.  Char over at T Rexes and Tiaras organized everything.  
The second one isn't so secret and it was organized by Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.  My swap partner is the creative Mrs M over at Mrs M Makes.    I was a bit liberal with the handmade portion, as I'm not really very crafty, but I hope that she'll still enjoy the treats I sent. 

I posted both parcels this past Saturday as we just have so much on over the next few weeks that I was worried I wouldn't have another chance.  Unfortunately, on Friday I was out with some friends from work and while I managed to take pictures of the wrapped gifts in my hazy state, I didn't get photos of the actual gifts.  Hopefully both ladies will post them on their blogs and I will be able to show you what I got for them.

Are you participating in a gift exchange this year?


  1. How exciting! I have all of your bits here, but haven't had a chance to package them all up yet. I'm planning to post this weekend or Monday. I'm looking forward to opening my presents from you and promise to blog about them :-)

    1. I'm glad that they arrived and I hope that you liked them!

  2. I haven't opened them yet. I'm saving them for nearer Christmas.
    Your gifts are now all packaged up and ready to go to the post office after work tomorrow. After putting the parcel on my kitchen scales I think they'll be coming by slow post.
    I hope you like what I've sent. Shopping for you was fun :-)