10 December 2012


I was out at the mall with Mr Grumpy and his mom when I got a text from my local charity shop.  They had some cups for me to check out.  Squeal!

Of course, I had to get them out of the mall and back to our neighborhood in under an hour.  Not easy, but I did it.  We can always go to the mall, but we won't always have the chance of getting tea cups!

When I got to the shops the nice woman who works there pulled out these four pretty tea cups. They aren't Pyrex, but Phoenix.

This is where the mystery got deeper.   You see, the back stamp reads: For Phoenix, Made in USA, 321.  Now I hadn't heard of this company, but I thought the cups were pretty, and they did fly all the way over the pond to come and live with me, who also flew all the way over the pond to live with them.  I payed the 4 quid and went home.

Upon doing some more research I found this page, about a company called Phoenix.  However this was a British company, not American.  Ever stranger, I found the yellow rose pattern on the website here.  I'm rather confused.

So what do I have?  Is it a company that I can't find?  Did Phoenix have an American factory?  Do you know?  Have you found anything  good this week, or even better, do you have your own thrifty mystery to share?

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  1. Your thrift store calls you directly! wow1 that is so cool!
    The Joyful Thrifter

    1. I feel really lucky, and they have more for me to look at this weekend!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing these beauties over at Junkin Joe...I just featured them and hopefully someone will be able to help you with your question? Sending hugs over the pond and hope to see you this week (we are doing it a day early) over at JJ!!! hugs...