19 December 2012

A Rather Late Thanksgiving

I realize that Christmas is just around the corner and this might be blasphemous, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food and the togetherness.  And the pumpkin pie!  This year we were in Rome and it went badly.  Very badly. 

I found a Scottish pub that had Thanksgiving on, they sold us tickets just as they ran out of turkey.  It was terrible. 

So, we decided to celebrate the weekend after we came home.  My MIL made the turkey and the trimmings, and I made the pumpkin pie.  I know this comes from a can, but this is what we do in the good old US of A!

I gathered my ingredients, the recipe is on the back of Libbys Pumpkin mix. We got ours from Waitrose. I found the graham cracker crust at Tescos a few weeks ago.

 I then threw everything into a bowl and mixed it up. 
 It was then poured into the pre made pie crust.
 About 40 minutes later it came out ready to go.
We added some whipped cream and both Mr Grumpy and his mom were really happy with it!

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