05 November 2012

Pink Love

Morning everyone!  I hope that everyone is excited for the start of a new week!  Who am I kidding, now that it’s November the run up to Christmas has begun and we all know that it will be here in a blink of the eye.  What a better way to put it off than to talk about some utility china!

I won this on eBay during my hiatus from my blog.  It wasn’t super expensive, but it wasn’t cheap either.  I think it was partially this object that made me put my speed of acquisition on hold.  This item was pick-up only, but the seller was in London, and, as I later found out, worked around the corner from me.  So one day during lunch I met her in Liverpool Street Station and she handed me two large heavy and breakable bags.  It then spent more than a week bringing it home piece by piece.
What is this mystery object you ask?  Why, it was a Grindley Peach Petal Tea/Coffee set.  


So I am now the proud owner of four tea cups:
A milk jug:
A sugar bowl:

Some type of tray:
And a coffee pot!
All with this backstamp:

This past week while checking out the Thursday antique far in Spittlefields I spotted 3 Grindley Peach Petal serving plates, large, medium and small.  The seller wanted £20 and then proceded to tell me that they were made between 1891 and 1901, as after 1901 Grindley started printing Made in England instead of just England on their backstamp.  I told him that they were post war and not as old as he thought.  He then told me that it was impossible to find anything with this backstamp.  I had to go back on him and say, no its not, I've got a tea set! Needless to say, I didn't buy.  Partially because he wouldn't budge on price and paritially because I didn't think they were in very good shape, in fact, they might not be usable anymore.  When I got back to my office I looked up the backstamp, Peach Petal went into production in 1954.  I can't believe how much he was trying to lie to me.  Buyer always beware

Anyone else ever have a seller try to really do one over on them?

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  1. That's so naughty! I have been ripped off by a seller at a vintage market, I wasn't very experienced with clothes (still not really) and she told me a dress was 30s. Actually I suppose she didn't rip me off as it wasn't particularly expensive but on getting it home I decided it was modern - the only thing vintage was the immovable grease stain!

    That tea set reminds me of flower fairies for some reason - I used to love them when I was little!

  2. I know! I hate it when they say, well, its really very old. I know how old it is and I know how much it should cost!

  3. That set is gorgeous, excellent score!

  4. What gorgeous china. I've been admiring your collection. You have a good eye! As your swap partner for Lakota's Christmas Swap I will now keep my eye out for something to add to your collection. I hope I don't let you down! Pop over to my blog to say hi, or find me on facebook (www.facebook.com/mrsmmakes) and we can swap details etc.
    Looking forward to getting to know more about you and shopping for you!

  5. Nice tea set!

    Once I had a seller try to pull one over on me.. I was inquiring about Pyrex plates coffee cups & saucers, actually. They were in OK condition, but not the best. Seller says, "$10 a piece" & goes on to tell me the quality & everything about Pyrex... and that I could sell them for $20 each and that he was giving me a great deal.

    K BUDDY, LATER. Not paying $5 for those 4 dice either.

    1. I don't know why sellers think that buyers don't know about their collections. But then, I've seen the crazy prices some things sell for on eBay!

  6. Oooh naughty trader!

    But yay to the nice eBay seller who met you. I bet it felt odd meeting a stranger at the station like that. Good job the police weren't watching!!

    Love your coffee set by the way. The 2 colours work perfectly together.

  7. Can't believe he tried to swindle you like that. Some people! Grrr.

    Gorgeous set, I love the two tone colours. I recently got a great bundle of Greydawn and a few more Grindley Peach Petal pieces. Need to take some photos!