15 November 2012

eBay Fail #2

A few months ago I posted about my first UK eBay fail here. Now I've had another.  I guess that when you consider how much I buy off of eBay that these types of things are bound to happen on occation.  Still, I find it to be really dissapointing.

A few weeks ago I won an auction for 4 Grindley Tea/Coffee cups, as the seller listed it.  What I recieved was 4 espresso, mini type cups.
Now, these are cute, really cute, and I might have bought them anyway if they had been listed properly.  However, they aren't very useful and this isn't what the seller listed. So I contacted the seller and met a very rude woman.  First she wouldn't let me send them back, then I raised a claim and was able to send them back, then she claimed that they were all broken and that I didn't pack them in anything, besides a box I assume.  Of course they were packed very well, better than when she sent them to me. 

This is just to show you the size difference.

In the end I asked eBay to make the final ruling and I got my money back and left negitive feedback.  Part of me feels like I shouldn't have bothered to go to so  much effort, sometimes I wouldn't bother.  However, I think that its really important for sellers to know when they list things incorrectly.  I think too many people just don't say anything and that makes it more difficult to deal with sellers when things are perfect.  

Anyone have any bad eBay luck recently?



  1. I had some bad luck with a tortoise hide I bought, it was like a resin hollowed out log shaped thing, which the tortoise would hide in, like a little tunnel.
    It arrived quickly, but not packaged very well and therefore smashed to pieces. I contacted the seller and he was so apologetic and refunded straight away without questions, that I still left him great feedback as he dealt with the issue really well.

    I've also had a really rude one; I won a pair of shoes, paid for them and then got a refund from the seller and a message to say "these didn't go for enough so I am relisting them with a higher start price unless you want to pay more for them". Obviously I left a negative but truthful comment and then got loads of abusive messages from her telling me to take it down. Ugh.

    And I'm having my own woes, as a parcel I sold and sent (thankfully traccked) seems to have gone missing. I'm really glad that my buyer has been so patient and understanding, but Royal Mail haven't been too helpful so I've sent the buyer a refund and am starting a claim from RM. I've never had anything go missing before, it's frustrating though.

    1. I feel the same way. I've recieved a couple of things that were well packed, but didn't make it. I didn't want to go thru the hoopla of sending it back so I just kept it and was happy. I've also been refunded quickly for damages by great sellers.

      I can't believe that person would resell them!

  2. Rude sellers are absolutely horrible. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck, but I am glad you got your money back.

    I have noticed there are A LOT more flakes on eBay now than their used to be. Three times recently sellers just kept my money, did not send the item, did not message me back. Glad eBay can refund your money now in such cases.

    1. Even though some of my experiences with individual buyers has been negative, I feel like eBay has always stepped up and handled the situation well.