23 April 2012

Thrifty Monday

For once I actually had the time to do some proper thrifting in my little London suburb and the one a few miles away and I thought that I should take you with me.  

While my husband was getting a hair cut I had about an hour to wander out little high street, where there are about 8 charity shops.  Unfortunately they aren't all open on Saturdays so I didn't have the full experience!  

After quite a bit of browsing I found this lovely little Pyrex bowl in my favorite shop.  I don't really know why this particular shop is my favorite, this is my first purchase there, but I'm happy to give them my money!  I also found a few books to take on my upcoming trip to the States. 

When the hubby's haircut was done we had more errands to run one town over.  I talked him into letting me have a quick run around the charity shops there as well.  In the third or fourth shop I spotted a contender, but you never know for sure until you pick it up and check the backstamp.  An elderly lady had her hand out as well.  We both pulled back apologetically and told the other to go first.  I'm not that nice so I went ahead and grabbed what I was looking at.  Luckily, the object of her desire was a sushi set behind the soup bowls that I picked up.

After closer inspection I found that I had a Grindley Lupin Petal soup bowl and two matching plates for the bowl to set on.  Oddly, the second bowl wasn't really marked, but I'm pretty sure its Johnson Brothers Greydawn.  The possible Greydawn soup bowl simply had Made in England on the back.  I recognize the curve of the handles though, so I'm pretty sure I'm right. 

 My husbands comment was that people must of not eaten more than two spoonfuls of soup if they were eating it out of these bowls.  They might not be the most useful, but they are oh so very pretty!

Should I have let the old lady go first?  Was I horrible and rude?  I wonder if there should be a show called Charity shop feuds or something.   A Thrifty Mrs has posted about this a few times, but she always seems like the polite one!

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  1. Great finds! The best place I've found to find out sbout mystery china patterns is this website http://www.replacements.com/china/JB.htm Takes a while to trawl through the gallery but you should find what you are looking for.

    I think charity shop and car boot etiquette really depends on the mood I'm in. And who the other person is. If it's a little old lady then of course I'll be polite. Hm! I'm not really sure. Will observe my behaviour and report back. Maybe I am as much a vulture as the next person.

  2. I Love your goodies. Who can resist a bargain?! Glad I found your blog. Love Katie x

  3. My Nan used to have the dinner plates and gravy boat to match that pyrex bowl in the 70s and my Mum still has the gravy boat!

  4. Madison, I think you read my mind, I found a true mystery over the weekend!

    Thanks Katie, I'm glad you found my blog too!

    Topchelseagirl- gotta love a gravy boat. I don't have any pyrex ones...yet!

  5. Lovely finds! It's each bargain hunter for themselves when it comes to charity shopping I say - though I'm a bit soft when it comes to little old ladies I have to say :)

  6. Very pretty bowls indeed. Love hearing husband's comments they are always so funny. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.

  7. Such pretty bowls.

    I hate that awkward moment when two of you are after the same item!

  8. I love your Grindley lupin soup bowl and that you got the matching plates too! Although they're not ideal for manly portions of soup I find they're quite good for little snacks like biscuits or chocolate buttons.