12 December 2011

Very Blue Thrifty Finds

The past week has definitely been above average in the thrifty finds/utility china department.  On the advice of a fellow blogger (whose post I now can’t find) I spent Friday at Portobello Road.  I had a blast checking out all the different stalls while sipping some mulled wine. 

I couldn’t help but get a bit annoyed by some of the tourists that seem to have no concept that there are in fact other people walking along the street too.  This is where the New Yorker comes out of me and I start just walking through people after I’ve said excuse me and been ignored more than twice.  Once the fruit market bit evolved into the boot sale bit most of the tourists seem to have lost interest. 

Towards the end, and actually not on Portobello Rd anymore, but on a side street, I found a stall that was less a stall and more of a gathering of about 30 boxes chuck full of plates, tea cups and random glass bits.  I spent ages diligently picking through all of it, minding the broken glass. I came up with two Barratts Delphanic Blue bowls and four Johnson Bros Greydawn tea saucers.  I was still working out in my head how much I was willing to pay for each piece when they stall owner told me that it would be £1 for the lot.  I quickly handed him the pound and moved on before he could change his mind!

This was a total rush and as I was checking out the other stalls I kept thinking how finding that thing you really want from a thrift stop is a type of drug.  I began to wonder when I would get my next fix and how I could make it happen more quickly.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Luckily, I have eBay and several bits and pieces, all blue, found their way to my home this week.  The kind mailman brought me a Woods Ware Iris teapot which we had won for just £5 in one package and in another I got 4 tea cups, two saucers, a bowl, bread plate and a side plate.


Our last purchase was a Woods Ware Iris dinner plate.  The picture here shows it against another Iris piece.  It’s not quite the same shade of blue, but it’s not green either.  It’s a bit odd, but I still love it. 

I’m going to link up with Her Library Adventures and Flea Market finds, Magpie Monday at Me and my Shadow, and Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. Sweet find! Can you believe i have not yet been to Portobello Rd Market? I've been here over a year and still haven't hit that hot-spot.

  2. "...finding that thing you really want from a thrift stop is a type of drug"

    I agree! It was my mum that got me hooked!

  3. Six for a paand, darlin! Can't say fairer than that, what a bargain.

    Your Iris ware is very pretty, I agree on the rush of charity shop finds and go through phases with Ebay - I've been lucky again recently though, even though prices for my current obsession (vintage Christmas decs) are usually high at this time of year.

  4. Hi Kathryn - just a quick note while i'm still in "blogger" mode from the party tonight! Come on over and visit :)
    t: @lovelillyuk


  5. The Iris ware is lovely, especially the teapot.